Mark Vincze

Software Developer

Jumpstart F# web development: F# with ASP.NET on classic .NET web api f#

An introduction to get started with web development in F#, using ASP.NET on the classic .NET Framework.

Series: Jumpstart F# web development f# suave

Instructions to get started with F# web development using either ASP.NET or Suave.IO, targeting the .NET Framework or .NET Core.

Matching route templates manually in ASP.NET Core mvc

It can come handy to manually match a request path to route templates, and extract the arguments. This post describes how it can be done with ASP.NET Core.

Stubbing service dependencies in .NET using Stubbery .net .net-core testing integration-testing

Stubbery is a library for creating and running Api stubs in .NET. The post shows how it can be used to stub service dependencies during integration tests.

How to validate action parameters with DataAnnotation attributes? c# .net-core

A simple approach to evaluate DataAnnotation validation attributes not only on model properties, but on the action method parameters as well.

ASP.NET Core 1.0: hints to get started c# .net .net-core dnx

Some random tips and tricks I have learnt during spending a couple of weeks with getting started with ASP.NET Core.

Use Glimpse with ASP.NET Web Api mvc web api glimpse

Glimpse is not fully supported for the Web Api, but it can still be a valuable tool.