Mark Vincze

Software Developer


Tear down your ASP.NET Core api between integration tests

c# couchbase testing integration-testing

Static state in an ASP.NET Core application can cause problems when running subsequent integration tests. In this post we take a look at how to solve this.

Bulk updating document expiry in Couchbase


A simple approach to update the expiry of all the documents in a Couchbase bucket, using a view and a custom updater script.

Simple client-side compression for Couchbase - with benchmarks

c# .net couchbase

Implementing client-side compression for Couchbase is pretty simple. In this post we take a look at what this costs us and how significant the benefits are.

Couchbase Server: tips for troubleshooting issues

c# .net couchbase

This blog post describes some quirks and issues with Couchbase Server which can make getting started with it more difficult and troublesome.